Stone and Marble Polish


Tile and Stone Service specializes in making your floors shine like new! We restore marble, travertine, granite, and other natural stone. We do not use waxes or any other types of top coatings on polished or natural stone, but instead, hone and polish using a grinding process through special diamonds to achieve a high gloss or any type of finish you desire. Light surface scratches, stains, and chemical etching can be removed by polishing using different types of polishing compounds, powders, and stone crystallization.  Also, poor installations can result in uneven tiles that can cause a safety hazard and therefore we provide uneven tile repair or what is known as lippage removal. We then finish it off with a penetrating sealer that penetrates the pores in order to further protect your natural stone floors.

After installation, the customer was not satisfied with the manufacturer's finish of this travertine tile. After running a series of diamond pads and polishing powder we were able to achieve the level of sheen that the customer desired. Finished off with a penetrating sealer. Polished travertine gives the stone a much more brilliant and durable finish!

We removed the fine scratches and cleaned this White Carrara Marble and applied a penetrating sealer to protect the luxurious shine

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San Antonio, Texas

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