Polished Concrete Tile


We can restore your old cement tile or polish your brand new installation.

Cement tile is a great way to make your home pop with color! These beautiful patterned tiles come in many different types of patterns and styles that can make any renovation in your home come out looking amazing. However, the top colored layer is quite porous and thus sensitive to staining and wear. Before installation, it is important to properly seal them in order to protect them from grout staining. We can then hone, polish them to a high gloss finish or any desired finish and top it off with a sealer that further protects your beautiful cement tile.

30-Year-old Mission Tile aka Cement Tile after a diamond polish procedure and sealed with a penetrating sealer. Beautiful restorations and a satisfied customer is our mission!
Another mission tile polished and sealed with penetrating sealer for a durable and natural look. Stay away from topical sealers that can fade, peel, scratch or give a cheap look finish."

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San Antonio, Texas

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